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Gurry and Rogers Insurance Blog: small business

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We All Need Great Resources When it comes to technology, we all need good help.  This is especially true for small businesses. Very few small businesses can staff themselves with the expertise to stay up on all the changes and demands that are required to prosper and grow the business. READ MORE >>

Here comes Thanksgiving and we can’t believe how fast it seems to be arriving….Everyone of us here at Gurry&Rogers wants to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Also, we hope that throughout all of this past year we effectively expressed our appreciation for your business, your friendship, and your referrals. READ MORE >>

One problem the owner of a small business can have is the obligation they feel to work 7 days a week and any number of hours a day. To some, especially those newly in business, this may sound like a virtue. However, without setting strict limits on the time a business owner spends working in their business, there is a big danger of getting bogged down and lowering personal productivity. READ MORE >>

Experienced owners of businesses learn over a period of time the clear difference between sales and marketing.  Simply put, Sales is the process of presenting your product or service to a prospect and asking him or her to make a purchase.  Marketing is entirely different. READ MORE >>

As the owner of my own business for over thirty years and as the business insurance broker helping  thousands of other business owners over those years, I have come to believe that one of the key elements to the success of a business is what I refer to as “passionate vision”. READ MORE >>

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