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Gurry and Rogers Insurance Blog: be prepared

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Now that February is coming to an end and spring is right around the corner, we want to remind everybody to seriously think about the need for Flood Insurance. We are reminding people about this now because if you feel you need the protection of a flood policy, it takes 30 days after purchase for the policy to take effect. READ MORE >>

With Seattle now experiencing it’s own unique few days of "Winter Extreme”,  it highlights to us at  Gurry& Rogers the strengths and weaknesses our businesses processes have  in regards to disaster planning.   Due to the weather, we have closed the office. READ MORE >>

One of the most enjoyable traditions during the holidays is the office party….It makes us laugh just to think about some of the ones we at Gurry&Rogers have attended over the years.  However, being the insurance advisors that we are, we want every owner of every small business to ... READ MORE >>

Stay safe when the temperatures drop and the roads get nasty.   Keep your employees, your  family members, and yourself safe during the upcoming winter months.  Be prepared and take 5 very easy precautions with your routine vehicle maintenance this season.  1. READ MORE >>

There are a lot great reasons for living in the Pacific Northwest.  However, most people would agree that November weather is not one of them.  Even though the temperatures are usually quite mild, we get lots of rain with some very high winds that can cause some big time expenses to everything we own and love. READ MORE >>

Every small business is dependent on electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, sewer, and other utilities.  What would happen to your business if your utilities were disrupted for an extended period of time?  Plan ahead and speak with your utility service providers about any potential alternatives and identify back-up options. READ MORE >>

Are you aware that September is “National Preparedness Month”?   After watching the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, the mantra here at the Gurry & Rogers Insurance Agency is: “Be Prepared”. READ MORE >>

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