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Experienced owners of businesses learn over a period of time the clear difference between sales and marketing.  Simply put, Sales is the process of presenting your product or service to a prospect and asking him or her to make a purchase.  Marketing is entirely different. READ MORE >>

There are a lot great reasons for living in the Pacific Northwest.  However, most people would agree that November weather is not one of them.  Even though the temperatures are usually quite mild, we get lots of rain with some very high winds that can cause some big time expenses to everything we own and love. READ MORE >>

In 1976, John Rogers was referred to the owner of a small dry cleaning business on Lake City Way.  His name was Corry Bakker and the name of his business was Corry's Dry Cleaning.  When John stopped by Corry's store for his first introduction meeting, he found Corry outside his store washing and vacuuming out a car. READ MORE >>

All sorts of small businesses today possess the "personally identifiable information" of the people with whom they do business: patients, clients, customers, employees, vendors, and contractors.   This information needs to be well guarded - otherwise, the financial consequences can be painful! READ MORE >>

During the month of September we at Gurry & Rogers spent a good deal of time helping our business clients and friends focus their attention on Disaster Preparedness.  Preparedness can seem like a daunting and overwhelming task.  However, in our pursuit to be of value to you, one of the most useful resources we discovered is Agility Recovery. READ MORE >>

Update your Beneficiaries Whenever you set up a life insurance policy, enroll in a 401-k or 403-b plan, set up an IRA, or buy an annuity, you will always be asked to declare both a “primary beneficiary” and a “secondary beneficiary”. READ MORE >>

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.   Our mantra at Gurry& Rogers Insurance is “Protecting What Matters Most”.  What could matter more than the ones we love?  Encourage every woman in your life to get screened.  No excuses! READ MORE >>

Every small business is dependent on electricity, gas, telecommunications, water, sewer, and other utilities.  What would happen to your business if your utilities were disrupted for an extended period of time?  Plan ahead and speak with your utility service providers about any potential alternatives and identify back-up options. READ MORE >>

Preparing a small business for a possible disaster like a flood, earthquake, or a serious fire can be a daunting task.   Where do you begin???   The best first step is to start the discussion with your employees.  Include people from all levels and departments. READ MORE >>

Check out one of our great clients.  As the insurance broker specializing in insurance needs for small businesses, we have had the pleasure of getting to know a lot of fantastic people.  One excellent example is John Hoyt , the owner of Picture Source. READ MORE >>

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